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All parts purchases as well as install work at the shop gains you entries to the giveaway!


Excellent Support Team

We have years of experience professionally working in the industry and can advise you on how we can help you achieve your dream build!

Variety Of Services

Coilover Setup

3 Link Setup

4 Link Setup

Air Suspension

Narrowed Rear Ends

Firewall Tubs

Front Tubs

Rear Tubs

Notches And Covers

LS Swaps

Disc Brake Swaps

Fuel Cells

Full Frame Building

Custom Wheels

And More!

Fast turnaround time

We can accomodate most time frames without sacrificing quality. A deposit is required for booking and the billing schedule differs for small/large jobs.


Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we offer the highest quality products for your vehicle. All of our work carries a warranty. We will never deliver your vehicle unless it meets our standards.

Contact us!